The art of primitive cultures provides the basis and inspiration for my work. Having lived and traveled in several countries, I have observed many tribal customs and ancient arts in culturally rich and diverse areas of Indonesia (Java and Sumatra), Malaysia (Sarawak) and Venezuela. My work conveys an ethnic influence in a contemporary, elegant way, either as a wearable piece or a two-dimensional wall piece. Much of my work contains ancient symbols of protection, showing the timelessness of these universal symbols and a sense of continuity expressed in ancient rites and rituals.

        The elegance of silks and velvet are combined with couture techniques to create garments that complement the human form. I produce one-of-a kind and limited edition wearable art pieces, working with a variety of natural fabrics but primarily using silks. Each piece of fabric is designed and produced in lengths of one to four yards, using variations and adaptations of the ancient fabric techniques of batik and shibori. These techniques are often combined with other contemporary resist and direct application processes as well as discharge chemicals. A garment is then created to complement the fabric.

        Two-dimensional work also explores the concepts of vibrations of ethnic images on luxurious fabrics. Silk fabrics provide a richness of color that is especially elegant. Working with various resists to dyes on fabric can produce endless results that are many times surprising. I use acid dyes and fiber-reactive dyes in both thin and thickened forms to dip, paint and print on the fabrics. Experimenting with materials and techniques, and often combining them, keeps the results interesting and dynamic.